One student has died while nine others are in critical conditions at a  hospital after they drunk a toxic chemical methanol stolen from the school laboratory which they mistook for alcohol.

The students from Koloa high school in Tiaty, Baringo Kenya took methanol, a chemical commonly used in school laboratories Thursday at school

Methanol, commonly known as wood alcohol, is a commonly used organic solvent that, because of its toxicity, can cause metabolic acidosis, neurologic sequelae, and even death, when ingested.

Taken raw the substance has adverse effects on the human body as body enzymes turns it into formaldehyde and formic acid which damages the central nervous system

According to online news source TUKO the students were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where one died and other two are under critical condition.

A doctor at the hospital said the students were give ethanol, another chemical which is an antidote for methanol and are still undergoing treatment