By Mubangizi Prosper
Well for sometime I had decided to leave the politics aside as I try to build a more all round Prosper but this forces me to get out of my voluntary retirement.
The win of Omubanda wa kabaka today denotes a move away from the Bush war days that Uganda has been plunged in for more than three centuries.
It is a revolution against political parties and spells doom for the biggest political players Dr. Kiiza Besigye and mr. Museveni.
It reminds me of my poem “The death of political elitism”. People are moving away from the politically elite and correct.
We can see from Trump in the US to Macron in France, Michael Salls in Senegal and now Bobi Wine in Uganda.
My friend Namanya Joshua normally admonishes me for being a political elite believing that it is suits and ties that make people vote you and I can agree no more with his opinion.
The world needs a common man, a radical and those we call insane to right the wrongs and set the path straight in protest against the politically elite and correct that have plundered and subjugated our rights and liberties.
Congratulations hon. Ssentamu Robert. Congratulations Kyaddondo East. Congratulations pro change agents. Congratulations Uganda.
By Mubangizi Prosper as it first appeared on his Facebook account.