I’m contemplating about the power of the people’s will and their ignorance at the same time. Kyaddondo east has been the experiment that our leaders on opposition must not only take for granted but if well manned can liberate Uganda.
Although both the major opposition parties; FDC and DP fronted candidates, the people had theirs too. Just like in 2015 parties in TDA came up with their candidate and the people raised theirs high. Its clear now that the opposition leaders are the ones delaying the liberation bit the people are ripe.
Our parties must begin to recognise the common man’s role in their survival and always observe the public than merely watching it. Secondly join me to congratulate Dr. Besigye, Erias Lukwago, Betty Nambooze, Muwanga kivumbi, Ssemujju Nganda, Medard Ssegona, Mpuuga, Anywar, Alaso, Eperu, Mafabi, Okumu Lukyamuzi and all their straight colleagues! Their sweat is not in vain. People are listening and they are now acting.
To a beginner, it appears as if people in Kyaddondo have disobeyed Besigye, no they didn’t. In fact they put their obedience in action. He and the mentioned group above have taught us that its us with the power not the state not the political clubs. Now this is it.
This is it that our leaders have been demanding from us; to stand the ground and say, no!
None of Bobi Wine’s voters doesn’t respect Besigye. In fact they take him as their legimate president. Whilst Besigye and his brand activists listened to the people, the parties chose not to. Our parties need to learn to adjust principles lest they be understood as being rigid and thus face erosion.
So people power on the rise and this explains why Wakiso was not allowed to vote in 2016.
The job ahead of our political leaders on opposition is to make our people aware of their ability to legally overthrow the regime.
The spirit showed here in Kyaddondo is the same defiance that must be shown to the land grabbers, to the riggers, against inflation against corrupt regime, against oppression, repression, torture and against life presidency.
The opposition must be jubilating that even if their official candidates never won, the regime has bitterly fell to a good third position thus close to being deleted.
The common people are united, we ask our opposition leaders to follow suit in order not to delay the liberation.
The people have power which power if well handled and wisely directed can save the country from the curse of the regime. So the leaders should draw their attention on sensitising them on this, organise them and make them act.
Congratulations Mwami Kyagulanyi, but do not become another Kato Lubwama!