With Thursday defeat, Hon Apolo Katinti’s political career has been forcefully retired.
He is a brilliant young man who literally fluked his way to political prominence but thought and behaved as if he had some magic or extra terrestrial forces that got him vote.
When he got elected in 2016, he was actually lucky that the thieving NRM focused their attention on manipulating votes in areas where Muwada was strong. They thought if they sorted Muwada, their man, Sitenda would sail through. That’s how Katinti came from the rear to nip them all.
Katinti together with Muwada were riding on the resolute faithfulness of the constituents to the FDC or even more particularly defiance, the spirit of Dr. Besigye.
It was Katinti’s failure to realise and appreciate this fact which was to later deal him a mega blow.
Upon being sworn in, Katinti went on TV lambasting defiance activities. Naive as one could possibly be, Katinti could not see how opposition incumbents, particularly those of FDC who had just been to election while undermining the indomitable Besigye had been punished by voters. He thought he too had arrived.
Worse for him, here was a man representing the ultimate heart of defiance trying to undermine the spirit which carried him into office.
Well, to cut the long story short, in him now we not only have the shortest serving legislature but also the earliest retiree in the history of our politics.
For Katinti will never again win an elective position in his life unless he retreats to an LC I position.