Thousands of youth are manning polling stations on his behalf. He has been able to demonstrate that his many supporters are voters as many of them are standing in lines voting.

He has been able to erase Katinti to become the main opposition candidate. On the other side Katinti and FDC collapse in embarrassment as Katinti fails to vote for himself having registered himself as a voter of Banjo Mukono municipality.

FDC had through the secretary for mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe earlier on dismissed this accusation as a mere concoction by Kyagulanyi camp and that the voter slip that was being circulated on social media was a “Nasser product” forged by “panicking” supporters of Bobi wine, today it has been a moment of truth for FDC as Candidate Katinti couldn’t be captured by any camera voting.

Even before tallying its clear that the battle is between Bobiwine and Kyagulanyi. In loss or win the Bobi Wine impact in this race will leave a big mark