Bireete Sarah

Uganda – a Country where leaders still sign off their people into “slavery” with the same pre colonial excitement of seeing faces in the mirror for the first time.

Leaders treat land as a social good for appeasement as compared to a factor of production. More than 80% of Ugandans derive their livelihood from tilling the land but our focus on land has drifted away from the plight of these people and the need to maintain our geographical heritage as a food basket of East Africa to a social good that can be sold off over a beer in bars!

The the land mafias keep BIG chunks of idle idle land for prestige! Land grabbing has reached sky rocketing levels and most of this is propagated by state agents. This vice has greatly affected our natural heritage and vegetation to the extent that Mabira forest is now transparent from the highway! This situation gets worse if there is any mention of INVESTORS.

Fast Forward; Amuru Chiefs have signed off land to enable the start of sugar factory in a similar fashion the chiefs sold people into slavery in exchange for mirrors!

This Amuru leader’s excitement can’t be divorced from the excitement of our pre colonial traditional leaders that saw their faces in the mirror for the first time and endorsed slavery!!

THE BIG QUESTIONS: What wisdom did Amuru chiefs use to endorse modern day slavery for their people?

If the sugar factory owners genuinely needed land, why couldn’t they purchase it from an open market?

Why is government so interested in this classic land grabbing deal?

Who is the actual owner of Amuru Sugar Works Ltd?