• Bobi faces challenges of side, oppressor vs oppressed voters, tarnished musician image and a politically unstable family

Bobi Wine won the biggest land slide Thursday to become the MP  elect for Kyadondo East. Congratulations. Kyadondo showed that Ugandans are truly disgusted with this government and proved people power can rise above ‘elite’ politicians and liberate their country.

A disgusted oppressed community up against moneyed oppressors.  

This briefly describes the political trend, Bobi has entered. NRM is aware it has no support among people that’s why it has resorted to either implanting or buying off leaders voted by the disgusted voters

Amidst all this he has 3big challenges he must beat to prove he is a politician or a leader as his slogan went:

 Tarnished Musicians image

The last challenge is the tarnished image of Musicians and actors in parliament. Kaddu Mukasa, proved the quietest MP, Kato Lubwama just a year into the house has proved himself a clown and the standard unit for the 10th parliaments low standards.

Peter Ssematimba and Babirye Judith’s  have proved an abuse to the word ‘honorable’ itself.  Performance of current entertainers is a living proof that musicians are just a gov’t destructive  project designed  to murder off sane politicians in Buganda region.

Its amidst this background that Bobi, a ‘non politician’ as he says, has entered the arena riding on a lot of pride, populace and with a lot of expectations amongst voters country wide.

Being politically green, he has to learn a lot of policy issues, In politics, parliament, local councils etc so as.

Bobi has to counter the rotten musicians by presenting himself as a smart politician on parliament floor, in public debates and ‘service delivery’ in terms of talking for the poor/meek and oppressed who voted him not by giving or promising them hand outs.

Money/Muhoozi project vs oppressed people’s side  

The current political trend at parliament is not opposition vs NRM or who is affiliated to which party. MPs loyalty is measured by loyalty to Museveni and support to the Muhoozi project

Knowing he has no support especially in Buganda Museveni has zeroed on beating opposition by directly buying off opposition MPs or by secretly implanting and sponsoring young independents to win where NRM cant win.

This is a big project intended to stunt sensible politicians and create a generation of mediocre politicians   who will not give any challenge to his son Muhoozi.

MP Nsereko heads recruitment for this project especially in Buganda. It is his efforts that is behind silence of MPs Kato Lubwama, Butebi, Luttamaguzi, all young opposition and first time MPs. [The group he took for European tours in first month of parliament]

This group is bankrolled and indoctrinated into Museveni’s Muhoozi project. They support all NRM programs, can’t openly criticize NRM and totally forget the people’s side.

Because of this mass recruitment parliament  currently has less than 10 MPs who are  truly and can openly oppose the  Museveni’s regime among the over 90 opposition/independent MPs.

With Bobi’s victory, regime agent Nsereko already has eyes on him [was even seen in his camp] to recruit him on the oppressors side.

As a leader this is the real huddle Bobi Wine has to beat to prove he is not a selfish money minded politician but a people minded activist out to cause a generation change.

Will Bobi be on the people’s side [which is openly opposed to the regime] his disgusted voters overwhelmingly voted him for or he will go with the majority on the regimes side?

The test question is; Bobi do you want age limit lifted or not? The day he stammers when answering this question, straight count him off people’s side. The voters want to see, hear him deriver there NO to the floor, anything less will be a betrayal

 Politically  unstable Family members.

Bobi has consistently expressed opposition to government through music but politicians in his family have proved ideologically unstable. Their sea-sowing leaves a questions whether he will stabilize on the peoples side.

His elder brother chairman Nyanzi who was his chief campaigner, was voted DP but turned NRM after he was elected into office.

His brother Eddy Yawe is the reason why NRM’s Nsereko is the Kampala MP after he allegedly sold off a clear court case in 2011 and in 2016 he abandoned a clear opposition constituency Kampala and moved to destabilize Ssemujju Nganda!

Museveni sending a brother for a brother sounds so easy and tempting. With his brother’s current closeness to NRM, Bobi an independent has 76.6% chances of being dragged to the regime than staying on the people’s side—opposition.

With politically unstable brothers Bobi faces an integrity challenge and has to prove him different from them by sticking to people side.

It’s a daring when the oppressed voters vest their anger on government in you and you also turn oppressor. Currently you are a prince with options of staying in that position or fall out. One great fun wrote:

“It’s my prayers that the new “PRINCE” maintains the status knowing the occupational hazards there in the demands of the voters remain constant. As the honey moon gets over, we want here you talk in Parliament, attend funerals,weddings n other social problems like, no money for rent, school fees etc, contributions to other people s needs pecuniary is another measure of your abilities. All and more of done then you shall remain a Prince for long. . . SEYA is a living testimony of grace to grass—and–voters remain the same”

As for answers to these challenges Mbikukwasiza.

Kaweesa Kaweesa