Cracking the Bakiga-Bahima tribal difference by Eric Kashumbazi

Rukungiri people watch out. Until recently we were counted as Bahororo. Now we are being described as Bakiga. Stop being used. We are Bantu and Nilotic people.

Tutsi/Bahororo are Nilotic people who came to Rujumbura as refugees in 1800 and settled in Nyakinengo under Rwebiraro as their leader after Bahima chased them away from what is today Ntungamo.

Now they are calling themselves Bakiga. Bakiga are Bantu people. Tutsi are Nilotic and can’t be Bakiga who are Bantu.

There is something being hidden from public view.

How come suddenly prominent people from the western region of Uganda are describing themselves as Bakiga? Is there something being hidden?

For a long time Batutsi/Bahororo in Rukungiri described themselves as Bahima. There are no Bahima in Rukungiri.

Similarly we should be careful how we use Bakiga. Bakiga are Bantu people in northern Rwanda and parts of Kabale. They have since settled in other parts of Uganda.

They refused to be called Hutus because they were never subdued by Tutsi. To repeat Bakiga people are not Nilotic people like the Tutsi who entered the area from South Sudan.

The Tutsi ancestors were Nilotic Luo-speaking people. Because Tutsi men don’t intermarry they have remained Nilotic in ethnicity except that they adopt local languages and names wherever they settle but their culture remains the same, Nilotic.

They also falsely claim they are white people, superior, more intelligent and born to rule wherever they happen to be and they use force to get what they want. That is why foreigners find it easy to use them. Got it?