What is Privatisation ?What is investment ?Can we do better in our Cultures than copying others?

By pairing 40 million Ugandans into non-productivity and adopting cultures wholesale,  by 115 years Iam sure there will be no Ugandans? Is this why we ran Privatisation for? Around 1988 we accepted to run into a system which pushed the nation into the following
•Restructuring. •Divestiture.  •Privatisation etc

Uganda Public services very fast layed off nationals from jobs what ever that was if the government went back to review it via public eyes that exercise was poorly done by those who were in control and I am sure thirty years later the President is seeing that there were some loopholes in employment of people and even resource management and this even affected procurement system as well as PPDA today.

Many times even the Parliament came out to criticise that public service but later especially in this Kisanja even our government is finding out that some individuals did not handle this well some how even to selfishly not in the interest of fairness but what is done we must quickly subject it to SWOTS analysis to improve our country from messes including corruption.

An individual or few individuals in OPM were imprisoned and found with 200 Acres of land and land land grabbing choas malign leaders and will create even further choas

•Privitisation and in its name Uganda’s wetlands are gone with 600 Forest Officers cannot man forests in the whole country trees going for selfish lumbering and all forests gone
•Without a serious National Bureaux of Standards only with about Ushs 10 Billions Indians push in supermarkets expired staff even some Ugandans and other Nationals plus bad drugs Dr Manyindo saying he cannot handle

•If you are a corrupt man and used money to buy off poor Ugandans out of their lands have no where to dig as cancer catching with them be ready to turn Uganda into a problem like Kenyan Kikuyu who ran out of their homes and up to now the horror they saw they do not want to return in those homes so those commissions the Government has chosen must be serious

•Look at General Parts with that Shumuck thief stealing peoples land and all the atrocities he was narrating on Voice of Africa FM radio so these things should not go to maginitude we won’t handle!

Some Opposition matters being raised we won’t buy them off we must listen to them and solve them before we are overwhelmed !

In some years I see a situation where people do not want to go home but listen to the Vote even in the Night to ensure they get justice as in the case of Bobi Wine!

Govt must be faster and ensure all these issues are solved and seriously !

Ateenyie Kabasomii