After winning the Kyadondo East constituency seat with a difference of 20,000 votes, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine posted on his facebook page that, “This 29th day of June marks a turning point in the politics of our country! History has been made.

The people of Kyadondo East have spoken and their voice is being heard far and wide! The resounding victory is testament that the people of Kyadondo and indeed the people of Uganda are ready for a new kind of leadership- a leadership which truly represents them; leadership of the people, by the people and for the people in its true meaning!

A leadership in which the citizen is truly the king and the leaders are true servants! Let the spin masters not try to twist this and come up with all sorts of explanations for our victory- this is nothing but the voice of the people! This victory is evidence that when people are united in purpose there is nothing out of their reach. This victory is not mine. This is your victory…”

Could this be the turning point in politics of Uganda? A shift from political parties based support to independent personalities that are echoing the voices of change, throughout his campaigns Bobi Wine stated that he was for a violent free campaign; he is for peace and development, to enable a lay man’s voice to be heard through clean water, education, roads and creating job opportunities.
Although there was Sitenda Ssebalu of NRM and Apollo Kantinti of FDC in the race, Bobi wine’s victory was expected but few believed it would be a landslide as it turned out.

Bobi Wine defies Besigye and opposition giants
Prior to the election, Bobi Wine met with Dr Kizza Besigye, Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke, President Norbert Mao and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to try and woo them on his side; all of them kept away.

Nevertheless, he pushed on with his campaigns that called for a voice for the voiceless regardless of political party affiliation; Bobi told Spear News it’s the reason why he rejected the Democratic Party ticket. By voters in Kyadondo East responding to his call, it indicates a change from the political parties’ ideas and slogans to preaching a message that cuts across.

Speaking to Spear News, social analyst Frank Gashumba noted that Bobi Wine had a brand that worked in his favor and the opposition main figure Dr Kizza Besigye has lost control over the group that he was holding.

“I can tell you, I voted for Besigye in 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and I cannot vote for him anymore. He has no capacity to guard the votes, but youths in Kyadondo East had the zeal to protect their victory, he knew of Kasangati Resort days ago and instructed our youth on what to do”, Gashumba added.
He noted that Ugandans don’t belong to a political party but anyone who is willing to liberate them that’s why they welcomed Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, Beti Kamya. However when they joined oppressors, the same people turned against them.

“As long as political parties don’t speak out on injustices, voters will always vote for any person who is willing to liberate them, they are informed and can make independent decisions. Ugandans are good and can be bad the moment you turn against them,” Gashumba concluded.

While appearing on Bukedde TV, Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi noted that political parties need to check themselves because Ugandans no longer take commands on who should be voted but yawn for someone who can speak out their issues.

On the same issue, Rubaga North MP Kasibante Moses added that it is not a new wave of change as Ugandans think but it is a win for the opposition because it has different wings.

“This manifests trouble for NRM because as divided as we were in Kyadondo East we still managed to win. There was no defiance, voters are normally opposition as a whole not partisan, it was strategic to stay away from Kyadondo,” Kasibante added.

Senior journalist Andrew Mwenda published on his facebook wall that despite the heavy military presense in Kyadondo East, Bobi Wine won, adding that no amount of rigging can stop people power and asked the FDC party to reach out for people’s support.

Secretary General of Uganda diaspora P10 and former chairman Masindi district Steven Birija also had something to say. “What I disagree with is those saying his victory is the turning point. I do not agree with this at all. We have had many decisive victories in constituencies before and against NRM and Museveni. Most recent were Luwero elections; Lukwago in Kampala; Kasese victories; earlier in the North and West but none of these were turning points. so Bob’s is just one among many”