Everlasting peace and democracy can be achieved through activism without war and blood shade; Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many renown freedom fighters are proof to this. On the other hand, Museveni, Mugabe, Mubuto and other dictators who fought their way into power have proved blood shade doesn’t lead to everlasting freedom
Many Ugandans especially youth are complaining our opposition leaders have betrayed the struggle and a total disappointment to people.
They routinely quote Museveni’s statements that a ‘mere vote cannot oust him out of power’ and he is ‘a quarter-pin that is driven into-out of a bicycle by a hammer!’
From that they deduct that to keep participating in Museveni’s sham election is to give people false hope, waste their time, energy and for no good results.
The determination for revenge and use of gun power is high amongst youth and this can be manifested by all leaders of change, youths keep asking for machines guns to face off with the dictator to liberate their country.
Through this article we try to educate our youths and Ugandans at large opposition vision and workplan for this country and why blood shade is not an alternative for true countries citizens.
There are three possible ways to take to capture power or overthrow a totalitarian regime like that of Uganda. However anyone you choose, you inevitably accept the consequences.
Armed opposition. In this way you stand up to fight for freedom militarily by setting up a rebel group like what Museveni did in 1981 against Obote II. We need to agree that this route is actually the hardest especially today. Although it actually works, its the most expensive both financially and humanly. Most importantly the precious lives of Ugandans. [no country man can opt to shade his fellows blood for power]
In the Luweero bush war more than 500000 lives were lost. A lot of important developments had to be destroyed. It takes a lot of energy that no one wins such a struggle and wishes to leave power because of what they went through that no pen has enough ink to put them in writing.
Secondly its what our enemy is most experienced in. Unlike Obote who never had even a single military chopper Museveni is well equipped here. By standing up in arms, we are playing in his traps. He would blow you up in the guise of terrorists like he did in Kasese. There is no guarantee of wining in such a route. Many people have tried it but in vain.
Kony’s LRA, Mukulu’s ADF. Amon Bazira’s NALU, Uganda Peoples Democratic Army that operated in the North around 1988. The Peoples Redemption Army that had been began by renegade Ugandan Army officers, the Holy Spirit Movement by Lakwena, there was also the Uganda Peoples Army that began in 1987 in Iteso, you remember Juma Oris’ West Nile Bank Front around 1997 to mention but a few.
All these freedom fighters had issues but did not think well and drove their people into Musevenis trap. Ugandans unlike Museveni cant facilitate a blood shade in their country in search for power 
There can be a coup d’etat. This can also happen. But it always happens after the firmness of the third route.
The people power. This is Besigye’s route, Lukwago’s route, Nambooze’s route, my route. Its the most effective, cheapest, shortest route that we can take. In this route the power is really put in the hands of the people. The people decide who leads them. Even if the new leader misbehaves or strays from the social contract, the people have the power drive them out of their statehouse. We are working tooth and nail to avoid another political monster that would always refer to their painful  Painful past to glue to power. Our struggle is therefore to trigger the preamble of our constitution “…the power belongs to the people”.
By this way, we can win the power of the gun. There is no way you can win the power of the gun by the same power lest you reinstate the same. By the firmness of this route, the army always joins the people.
In Tunisia, morocco and Egypt, the people power forced the tyrants out and forced the army to their side. This route can oust Museveni in a day or two.
Lastly, the reason why we keep sending these opposition leaders to the election is not because we expect justice from Museveni’s electoral commission but because the electoral period is an opportune moment to sensitise Ugandans about their power that they have not unleashed yet. So although a few of our people pass the election but our struggle has never been about parliament. Our struggle is about you the people.
Therefore Museveni’s biggest Threat is not the gun, is not the politician, it is not the economy, is not our ethnicity. Museveni’s biggest threat is you and I. It is the people. Once the people have understood the power they have, he knows he can not spend an extra day in statehouse.
This explains why Besigye, Nambooze and Lukwago who truly understood the true North of the struggle are not allowed to go to the people. They are not allowed to talk. So if you have understood this article, invite as many friends as possible to read it and share.
Kitezaala Munzinyabigere Huza