By Spear Team

Opposition MPs have warned their counterparts on the NRM side that they risk being beaten up if they support lifting age limits aimed at keeping Yoweri Museveni as president of Uganda beyond 2021.

Museveni will be 76 years by 2021 and according to the current constitutional arrangement restricted from standing for president.  In 2005, parliament lifted the cap on the term limits giving unfettered lee way to Museveni to contest on end until the latest obstacle of age limits.

First attempt to lift age limits were hatched by the Nakifuma MP Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko who had authored a private members bill although it was later to be thrown out with the speaker Rebecca Kadaga calling for comprehensive constitutional amendment bill.

Nakifuma voters are mobilised to burn his home, car and property down if he supports this bill according to source there

When the Observer newspaper on Monday published an article indicating that the bill had been gazzeted the Spear News sounded out different leaders to find out their perspective on the bill.

Kassanda South MP, Simeo Nsubuga said that the bill was long overdue because Uganda can’t risk losing the good services offered by president Museveni.

Nsubuga added that it’s not about every person giving a try at the presidency. He cited countries like Somalia and South Sudan where peace is a luxury and warned that Uganda is capable of taking the same path.

“If we still have a chance of having a leader like president Museveni, let’s stick with him,’ Simeo said adding,

“The constitutional review bill is already gazetted let us wait when the bill is tabled before parliament.”

NRM’s MP for Manjiya county Nambeshe John Baptist warned that if the constitutional amendment bill 2017, is about removing age limits, he will not support.

“No one is going to threaten me about this, what are we thanking president Museveni for? Many are saying that he liberated Uganda but did he get it out of hell?” Nambeshe wondered.

“Ugandans have already appreciated him by allowing him to rule for 30 years. What he is doing now is imposing his will on people and they are very bitter. Enough is enough, it’s like Ugandans are enslaved in their own land. Money is already exchanging hands; it is these types of people who have tempted Museveni to become a semi-god some of us are already saying that it is [Museveni’s going] long overdue.”

For his part, Kabula MP James Kakooza said age limits deny people their right to vote for leaders of their choice.

“This bill isn’t about an individual as some Ugandans are putting it. We cannot have a democracy that is not inclusive, let Ugandans of all ages participate and people will make a choice. Elections are not about age because many with the desired age have been defeated at polls,” Kakooza noted.

Musoke Wakayima, Nansana municipality MP warned president Museveni against thinking that he is the only one who can lead Uganda.

For Kasibante Moses, MP Lubaga South, the Bill is toxic for Uganda. He reminded president Museveni that he fought Obote because of his dictatorial tendencies therefore; it shouldn’t be him pulling the country in that same direction.

“President Museveni must not be the yardstick for the constitution of Uganda, it must be protected at all costs but not relaxed for his benefit that every time he reaches the finishing line it is extended,” Kasibante said.

“Uganda doesn’t belong to NRM MPs; their going to Kyankwanzi must be in line with the interests of Ugandans and let them know that we are prepared to fight them to save this country.”

Medard Lubega Sseggona, Busiro East MP agreed with Kasibante adding they are prepared for the battle.

“We know what is in this bill; this country doesn’t belong to him, his wife, kids or his grandfather. He has rebuked Ugandans for some good time but this time round we are prepared,” Sseggona said.

He warned NRM MPs some of whom he said have already been given money to second the bill, to be prepared for war, ‘even if it means beating them up’ to cushion the country from going to the dogs.

Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga, Kalungu West called on voters in every constituency to dissuade their MPs from accepting to be lured into changing the constitution.  “If the masses don’t wake up, this country is doomed,” Ssewungu warned.