Former Minister of Ethics & Integrity, Miria Matembe was Wednesday morning hosted on a BBC radio. The topic was Uganda’s removal of the presidential age limit.

Matembe said she was so saddened that this was happening in her country. She argued that in Uganda, Ugandans don’t decide but massive bribery decides the countries destiny. 

We reproduce the debate here:

Matembe: As one of the people who made Uganda’s constitution, there were two vital laws that we included therein.

These were a limit on the presidential terms and a limit on presidential age. The reason we did this was to avoid a reoccurrence of bloodshed and coups that were previously a norm in the country. As of now, term limits were removed. Now, even the presidential age limit is to be removed…. I feel so pained.

Host interjects: But you are the same people who provided for constitutional review….

Matembe: I am not against constitutional review but what I am against is the change of a constitution just for the sake of benefitting a single person. As president Museveni neared his last term, he changed the constitution to allow him contest for more terms. Now that he will be 76 in 2021 thus not eligible to contest, he wants to remove even the age limit.

Host interjects again: What’s wrong if that’s what Ugandans want. He might say Ugandans have decided (the age limit be removed).

Matembe: Let me tell you, there is nothing like Ugandans deciding. In Uganda, all decisions are reached through massive bribery, intimidation etc…..