A police boss Henry Ayebare is accused of snatching a mans wife then concocted murder charges against him that landed him five years in Luzira prisons on remand
Ashraf Mugume
Ashraf Mugume [PHOYO EVJA]
Ashraf Mugume 34 a resident of Namengo village, Lugazi municipality Buikwe district alleges that he was maliciously accused of theft by Ayebare, charges for which he served 8 months in prison at the end of which he was put on a murder file by the same person who had an affair with his wife.
Mugume was then committed to high court from where he has been battling for almost five years as Ayebare enjoyed his wife.
Mugume has been rescued by Mukono High Court judge Margret Mutonyi Wednesday who has ordered government to compensate him 30m for the 5 years he spent behind bars  
Mugme’s defence lawyer, Robert Nazami informed court that by the time the said concocted murder happened the accused was in prison serving a theft sentence accused by Henry Ayebare a police detective who was by then working with Lugazi police station.
Nazami clarified to court that Ayebare who was by then also handling a murder case of one Alex Nkuzia maliciously added Mugume as one of the murder suspects leading to his arrest and committal to Luzira prison where he has spent five years on remand.
Judge Mutonyi In her judgment, decried the incompetence of government officers including the then state attorney Fatumah Ssandagire who sanctioned the file that was not well investigated.
The judge said Ayebare behaved un professional and this particular act makes him not fit to serve in such capacity as CID officer in Uganda police force. She ordered the two officers [Henry Ayebare and Fatumah Ssandagire] investigated.
 Ayebare was not in court as he was transferred to Kampala metropolitan area where according to EBJA he commands an un established department