Every leader in the mornings of his tenure because of his newness to the system makes progress towards inclusiveness and pluralism. This is because he opens up to new people and system and some changes come automatically when more people share the cake, change their lives and make progress.

The problem has always come due to addiction, comfort and other attachments to the job. This has always caused impunity, greed, corruption, patronage, feudalism and Mafialism in order to cushion himself from outsiders and any changes that would promote equitable resource sharing to bring more newbies to the system.

This is what has always been the reason for revolutions and the rise of more of the same revolutionaries which repeats the same cycle if such critical junctures are not properly handled by the leadership by sacrificing their comfort to other people for nations to prosper.

After this brief background, you can compare with any revolution you have ever heard in the history of the world, you will realise the same reasons have arose and revolutions have occurred.
It therefore incumbent on us to protect all forms of institutions and sets of laws that promote people from different backgrounds into systems and get old ones out of the system peacefully to promote inclusiveness and pluralism.

In the same view I personally encourage Ugandans yo rise up to impunity. To stop the constitutional amendment of article 102(b) to lift Presidential age-limit. Ugandans will have been stupid and have learnt nothing from bloodshed and power struggles this country has gone through. It starts with me and you tasking our members of Parliament. We are ones who elected them. It is our right to remove them if they no longer represent us.

For God and My Country
Mutabazi Kennedy.