Parliament in a special sitting has paid tribute to late John Ssebaana Kizito at which opposition MPs rushed condemnation to NRM for the Constitutional Amendment Bill (2017).

With death, there is no age limit, there will be no lifting the age limit, whether you like it or not, you will go”

The motion to pay tribute to Ssebaana was moved by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda and seconded by the opposition chief whip Ibrahim Semujju Nganda.

“Ssebaana Kizito served this nation with dedication and patriotism… he offered himself to the service of our country both in political and business leadership,” Rugunda eulogized.

Ssemujju Nganda on his past castigated NRM government for her intended move to change the constitution and remove age limit. He warned that however high they raise ‘age limit’ they cannot raise or change death limit

“It was the desire of the Late Ssebaana that we don’t change the constitution uplifting the age limit. We want to thank the late Ssebaana for fighting transition, some people are waiting for God for succession to happen:

To some of you who don’t want to leave power, the day you will be brought here, you will not refuse to go. With death, there is no age limit, there will be no lifting the age limit, whether you like it or not, you will go” -MP Ssemujju said.

Semujju further praised the deceased for grooming the young generation into politics, adding that true leaders do not invest in buildings but in people because success without a successor is a failure.

“Ssebaana was passionate about young people, though in Uganda when you call youths, old people show up”


In his last media interview broadcast a month ago, Ssebaana made a passionate plea to Parliament to resist maneuvers of changing Article 102 of the Constitution that puts a mandatory age limit.

Speaking about the late; Buganda region DP president Nambooze Betty Bakireke challenged government to stop praising the dead but find a way of awarding them and their wishes before they die:

 “I wonder why we don’t devise a system to follow up on what we say and promise when the dead a brought here. Mr Speaker why, wait for people to die and then praise them, when you persecuted them in life?” She asked

“Government has just said here that Ssebaana Kizito was a very honest and trustworthy National leader but what I remember is that when he led us to demand for the Kayiira Murder report you arrested him and charged him of forgery.

I was Ssebaana’s Spokesperson for five years and I know he goes down his grave feeling cheated because you refused to release the Kayiira report.

Even as he lies here in the coffin, he is on bail granted by court, he would have died in prison if he hadn’t been granted bail…Can you now honour Ugandans and reward Ssebaana by releasing the Kayiira murder report “.

Hon Muwanga Kivumbi gave himself as an example of leaders bled by Ssebaana and asked government to show any young leaders it has groomed for this country