The Thursday Cbs Kiriza oba gaana program  turned chaotic yesterday when the Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze ‘captured’ the studios and chased the anti age limit advocate James Kakookoza MP Kabula county off air.
This programme portrayed what is likely to happen in Uganda and Parliament in the next couple of months as the opposition fights the amendment of the constitution to pave way for Mr.Museveni’s life presidency.
James Kakooza is a renown advocate of anti-people progams and tinkling of the constitution whenever Mr.Museveni faces a constitutional huddle.
In 2001 Kakooza led other MPs to amend the constitution to lift the term limit when the constitution provided for a two term limit for Presidents. Mr Museveni had completed his two terms and wasn’t illegible to stand again.
This time, Kakooza joins Aru MP Abiriga to advocate for amendment of the constitution to allow beyond 75 years Museveni to contest 2021
At the talk show Nambooze, who enjoyed support of other panelist MP Ssewungu and Nsereko Muhammad advised Ugandans to take the matter in their hands and chase anti-age limit advocates away from village parties, funerals, public functions and churches.
“It’s erroneous to say that Museveni is imposing himself on Ugandans because he has no capacity to do this as an individual, there is a group of Mafias imposing Museveni onto the presidency because his regime gives them room to steal and misuse power.Its this group we should fight off first not Museveni”  Nambooze said.
She cautioned that continuing a regime characterized by vote rigging and plundering of Government resources will push Uganda into war and eventually turn it into a Somalia or South Sudan.
No sooner had Nambooze finished her submission than Kakooza started arguing in favor of lifting the age limit reasoning that constitution change is a people mandate . . .
Nambooze, didnt wait for him and she declared that her fight against pro constitution amendment advocates was starting with Kakooza and she grabbed the microphone from him.
A live scuffle ensured as Nambooze took over modulating the programme and announced that Kakooza and the likes won’t be talking anymore on air.
Program host, Meddie Nsereko’s pleading fell on deaf ears as Nambooze defiantly informed the country that Museveni and his group went to limits by taking guns to fight Obote’s regime so by denying advocates of the evil plan Ugandans will have done a little.
The moderate called off the program and went into a commercial break. On resumption Nambooze started where she stopped insisting
“We argue people to chase/shout down people advocating for this naughty project, i should lead by example by denying Kakooza room to speak here” She said as she held on to studio microphones
MP Nsereko amidst the confusion left the studio’s being in a dilemma as he couldn’t openly support Nambooze or oppose fellow NRM Kakooza so was Ssewungu
The programme was eventually called off.
After the stamped Nambooze said:
“Kakooza and his colleagues will never address Ugandans on that topic in my presence”
She further argued Ugandans to make life uncomfortable for whoever advocates for the evil  project  be it a Imam, pastor, politician, a Bishop in church.
“Once one talks or praises lifting of the term limit Ugandans should shout him/her off”
She said