A group of pro age limit article 10(b) have vowed to look and beat-up the MP Arua Municipality Abiriga for what they term as scandalizing Parliament.

The group mostly comprising of Opposition MPs say there is a deliberate move by Anti-age limit MPs to demonize the whole Parliament in order to make it lose credibility and among masses.

Arua MP Abiriga, who leads a team of MPs advocating for the amendment of article 192(b) of the constitution told press on Thursday  that MPs are demanding 350 millions each, a 7 year term and a loan bailout from Mr. Museveni before they support the amendment of this article which if retained will bar him from contesting for presidency again .

“I held a meeting with NRM MPs on amendment of the constitution to remove the presidential age limit, Our NRM MPs confirmed their support for the bill on condition that the big man president Museveni meets 4 conditions” Abiriga is quoted to have told the reporters of NBS televion.

“Abiriga is a crown who is being used by people who want to scandalise Parliament” said MP KASIBANTE Moses.

The Kampala central MP Muhammed Nsereko when contacted said that the talk about money is meant to demonize MPs and incite public against Parliament so that eventually MP will run to Museveni for protection.

He explained that no one can reveal his plan to bribe others and this is just a physiological game meant to work on gullible minds.

“We are just going to look up this Abiriga and beat him up, we are fed up with this foolery” Nambooze reacted angrily when contacted on the issue