By Kitezaala Muzinyabigere Huza
Museveni takes Ugandans on a ride again by attempting to amend article 102(b) of the constitution of Uganda. This will help him rule, oppress, rob, repress, persecute, torture and kill Ugandans for the whole of his life.
But our question should not be how, but why does Museveni really want to rule Uganda for at least 50 years!? 50 years is not just a number but a generation. Not his generation but his children’s generation.
This is because if he came to power at 44 years, his generation was in the evening and most of his opposers today, the Lukwagos, Namboozes, Kalinges, Mpuugas were in P.4 or so. Now that they are soon clocking 50 too, he has eaten and wasted their generation too. Now he is bargaining for that of those who were unborn when he came to power!
Back to why he wants this bill lifted, there are many reasons that will spring from those that first sounded as myths but now coming to pass and those that are open:
The Unopened NRM “Vision”
Since time immemorial Mr. Museveni has said he can’t leave power because he is the only one with “Vision” in Uganda. But what’s that vision? why is he so reserved with this vision? Why can’t he share it with his known confidants!? And hey what’s this vision!!!? Let is try to unmask the vision:
Everyone who has followed Ugandan politics since 2000 remembers a mysterious document that circulated all over Kampala and the suburbs…
The document happened to be a high classified meeting minutes from Rwakitula between migrant protagonists in Museveni’s regime.
It sounded mysterious but whoever read that document and compares to what is happening now its undoubtedly a true document that exposed Museveni’s hidden ‘vision’ which is being implemented now to the detriment of all indigenous Ugandans. 
Among the resolutions, “we should make sure” said the document, ” that we rule them for at least 50 years such that by the end of this time no person from the indigenous tribes will be eligible to even contest as president or MP”
We should buy all native land and grab the rest. We should start up and implement an education scheme for our children. We should destroy their culture and all binding principals. We should impoverish them as we enrich our children so that they become beggars to us an we appear as messiahs to them….” and so on went the document.
When circulated, this document caused many problems many NRM big wigs at the time. Mzee Bidandi Ssali was the first victim as they suspected him to have leaked it to society.
Vocal iron lady Nambooze Mrs. Bakireke was imprisoned on concocted charges at Mukono. While in Luzira the document came out to haunt her.
Government at the time which wanted to implicate Bidandi Ssali over this document used Tamale Mirundi to sweat talk Nambooze into a false confession/accusation against Bidandi over circulation of the document in exchange for her freedom
As a friend Mirundi visited Nambooze in Luzira as a friend but turned a traitor when he revealed his mission with proposal to link Mzee Bidandi to the document which she refused.
Mirundi had at the time just joined the government he had swore he couldn’t work for before.
Government continuously denied the document and given the fact that at the time little was visibly being implemented from it, it died off from public.
Years on, we are realising the document could have leaked late, our generation is witnessing an implementation of the same in social, political, economic and administrative circles. The vision! This could be the ‘vision’ only and only Museveni has for this country and cant share it or go without fulfilling?
In the document was suffocating all indigenous tribes, heritage, culture identity, land and promoting the landless immigrant race
The second myths turning a reality is that of the Tutsi dynasty. Building a dynasty is visibly true and on going with the arrogant shameless race. It has been exposed more by Charles Rwomushana’s in social media posts, radio and TV shows.  In this all tribes in Uganda are victims
Currently over half a million Rwandans are voters in Uganda and our countries resources is used in developing Rwanda.
Its shamelessly done that prominent politicians ‘businessmen’ whether NRM or opposition with roots from Rwanda get none-refundable bail outs and resources from state coffers for personal development or buying off indigenous people out of land, business, politics etc!
The target is using the proverbial ‘Russian Gorbachev’s’ to strangle Ugandans into beggars as they to fulfill the ‘vision’ of Tutsi Dynasty.
Its in line with this that there is a strong deliberate character assassination move for all leaders from indigenous tribes without a Rwandan link. Besigye, Lukwago, Nandala Mafabi, Mbabazi, Nambooze, Salaam Musumba, Latif Ssebagala etc are just examples as the likes of Mbidde, Muhoozi, Ssewungu and others with Rwandan origins are being promoted and protected.
Back to age limit, dear Ugandans, we should define the battle we are fighting then mount proper pressure. This we must understand is not a simple political issue that takes us to another 5years term, but a deadly generation killer that will affect the Ayees and Nays.
This is an attack on our humanity regrettable for generations, Its not about parliament, Its not about debate. Its about your life, your children’s life, your parent’s life. Its about your land, its about your nativity, your identity. It a matter of life and death everyone should engage leaders into
Let us come out in support of our MPs who really fight against this rape of the constitution. But we must as well be aware of those opportunists, making noise just to affirm their bargaining power the CRISIS ENTREPRENEURS pausing as being people sided. These are worse opportunists we must fight off our midst
To NRM MPs and apologists, Uganda will outlive all of us. Be fair to your country and do not do things that would make you and your children be cursed by indigenous Ugandans as they serve as slaves in the Tutsi dynasty.