Following a massive distribution of member of parliament contacts, Ugandans started adding them to various whatsup groups and give them their stand on article 102 (b). MPs who log-out of the group are forcefully added back to “answer for their sins”

By The spear Team

The director of communications at parliament, Chris Obore has asked members of the public to stop the forceful adding of members of parliament to whats App groups that are against amending article 102(b) of the constitution with an intention of harassing them.

Obore added that some of the groups include Memorial Africa, Team No Age Limits etc, further warning that this is against the law.

According to Obore,  the numbers of MPs were picked from our parliamentary website, warning that this is against the law, advising them to desist from such and stop adding members when they decide to quit these groups.

Obore warned that, “Political agitation is good but harassment of others tantamount to intolerance. Intimidation could trigger a reaction.”

One of the victims of the above is Hon. Evelyn Anite, the State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatisation, who tried to abandon one the said groups after assuring the members in it that she will vote in support of removing the age limit and ready to vote for Museveni come 2021.

Anite warned the members of the group to avoid attacking her family on political matters, she re-assured them that he stand by what she did in kyankwanzi and her people of Koboko municipality have benefited from this.

Anite is remembered for boldly kneeling down and urged President Museveni to seek re-election in 2016 elections while at an NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi and this according to her critics saw her being elected minister.

Many Ugandans on social media started an online campaign to persuade members of parliament not to vote in support of amending article 102(b).

Asked if he has received any threatening messages, Medard Lubega Ssegona revealed that they’re for the greedy, desperate, dishonest, crude people and the public knows he is not such.

“We can’t change our constitution for the sake of any individual simply because they can splash stolen money.  I can assure the country that even if it means one vote to be against the lifting of the age limits I will be there” Ssegona assured.