By: Dan Malcom Matsiko

DP has two factions, the NRM-DP led by Mao and the people’s DP led by Nambooze and Erias Lukwago
I used to admire DP when Mzee Dr. Kawanga Paul Ssemwogerere was its leader and during the tenure of Late Ssebaana Kizito.

Mao knows very well that in any fair race, he can’t beat Lukwago—not even within his NRM-DP faction. Every sane mind knows that in the Central region, its only the Kabaka who can dare Lukwago the man at the helm of city politics by defiance—not even Museveni or Besigye can dare him

If Dr. Kizza Besigye had not formed Reform Agenda in 1999-2001, myself as a young student , I would have ended up a UYD member and by extension a DP member. I have never loved NRM, not even UPC. Yet my district was the second home of Milton Obote after Lira, Bushenyi was home to UPC regimes of Obote 1 and 2.

I joined Reform agenda and later FDC because I was convinced it championed the aspirations of the common man in Uganda both rural and urban Ugandan.

After the controversial rise of Mao to the party presidency, I saw a party destined for state power. Mao used to be a young man that relied on persuasive methods to bring people into his camp.

Erias Lukwago was also a serious law maker but considered too young to lead the oldest Catholic founded party in Uganda. Lukwago grew from being a city barrister to prominent lawmaker and eventually the mayor of Kampala city replacing DP stalwarts Ssebaana and Ssebagala in city politics.

Mao, meantime won the hearts and minds of Gulu residents to represent them in parliament and later became the regional governor of Gulu main city. He became the well known chairman of Acholi ‘s main city till he gave up the seat to take shot at the big office the president of Uganda in 2011.The rest is history.

Lukwago has been consistent in embracing the idea of a common front to remove the main political opponent NRM and its leadership. Mao on the other hand is a proud man and thinks his useless poetic skills are enough to remove a dictatorship in this country.

Mao is on record rubbishing the would be allies for DP and the broad opposition against Museveni’s NRA commandos.

Norbert isolated himself from many young politicians because he thinks the seat he occupies is enough for him to drive the DP agenda or the national agenda for all oppressed citizens. He disregards his contemporaries in other political formations and the worst has set in now. Mao of recent has adopted a militaristic approach in politics against his opponents in DP and the broad opposition in Uganda.

Opposition Party president in UPDF attire in Gulu district after addressing press

I was surprised to see Mao recently dressed in military uniform and posing for pictures with Museveni commandos in Gulu.

The fight that ensued at the burial of Ssebaana was a huge miscalculation by Mao’s led faction. Mao, he had no point attacking a powerful politicians using his NRM paid boys pausing as DP youth.

Mao knows very well in any fair race, he can’t beat Lukwago—not even in his executive at DP headquarters.  Museveni himself is aware that once Erias Lukwago picks nomination forms for president under normal electoral conditions it ends his NRA bullish regime.

Every sane mind knows that in the Central region, its only the Kabaka of Buganda that can dare challenge Erias Lukwago the man at the helm of the city politics by defiance—not even Museveni or Besigye can dare challenge him

Mao should know if Lukwago supporters were not civilised he would by now have paid for what happened in Luweero. He knows even in the place he lives while in Kampala city he can be punished nicely by Lukwago supporters and he migrates for good to Gulu with his pistol. Maybe he wants Museveni to send him Special forces to guard him even on his hourly toilet routines

I am really taken aback by backward politics of my former icon Norbert Mao! How do you begin a fight with a man like Lukwago?

Ask Ssematimba Peter , however far he run he is still in a political mess because of one man Lukwago. Ask brother Samuel Mabike of SDP, he is underground because of one man Lukwago, Ask your fellow NRM Ragae D, the award winning artist, even his music went because  of Lukwago in Kampala. Go ahead and ask Ssebagala he attempted a come back and Lukwago humbled him . Also ask your very own Isa Kikungwe of Mao’s good for bad DP sect! And many other victims of the man from Wakaliga in Kampala!

Then you who can’t defeat him in any fairly organized race—not even within your Good DP executive and dare him.

Museveni said “A stupid cow licks the pang going to slaughter it”

The writer is a contestant for FDC party presidency 


Sussie Higenyi So when he made an arrogant statement that no one should arrive after the party president has already sat whom was he referring to? He lost the little credence I had left for him there and then. He is too too arrogant and militaristic to lead Ug let alone a political party

Kibirige Robert Mao is acast to our party

Godwin Gonzag I became a member of reform agenda now FDC during the time of Betty Kamya Rubaramira etc and I has great respect for Mao, its unfortunately that he’s changed and became a prostitute as Museveni mentioned it at Ssebana’s burial. One Uganda One People.

Kibuuka Mugagga Mubiru its 2 bad that DP is full of dectors like mao

Edotu Michael we shall see come that day, iam also adare hard of FDC

Barshiluh Arthadeh Arineitwe And Also M7

Mawejje Fred Obote part 2.

Harriet Katale Mao is garbage

Kakande Kabuye You have told them but bcoz there are being used for emere yarero but one day tomorrow things are gonna change

Kakungulu Kenneth that is a result of cheque book politics thanks to m7

Waitishur Jacobinz Plz Pple, wat we shld knw z! KIIZA,MAO n MUNTU who are de key leadas of da opposition i e- FDC n DP dey are jst playng on our minds with NRM we ugandans uzng politics Bcoz all diz pple were behind de battle wq brght NRM 2 power so politically dey cant allow pple lyke LUKWAGO n NANDALA 2 stand as key leadas of da opposition 4 dem dey are serious.

Billington Ssekirembeka am team lukwago .truth and justice forum tj

يوسف على يوسف I and my team shall step in to up the game when the right time comes.

Habs Kasm Yo Lukwago is also going to be defeated by Bobi next time unless he runs for presidency

Waitishur Jacobinz Pple! Da truth z bitta bt we ve 2 swallow. Are u aware dat evry mistreat of KIIZA by govt security z being paid? so j conclude by sayng KIIZA z lyke ODINGA wll neva be presidents instead dey are jst playng on our minds where by evry term dey are de only common figures of da opposition. J WISH BOBI COME IN 2021 WE SHALL SHOW DEM AT ZERO COST.

Alex Oneka Its just a matter of time, all these guns for hire will put in their rightful places.

Henry Lubowa Comrade Matsiko, thanks you for your observations. They have good ground, but others need to be rethought, especially now that you want to be FDC leader.
I’m not a member of DP, but I know quite a few things.
In DP, Mao is the incontestably most power …See More

Benjo Kirunda Ok being an fdc use this chance & pershade lukwago to actively join & seek fdc presidency if at all u say is sooo powerful, y is he still call himself a dp when he thinks is mistreated by Mao, that is I’ll thinking.

Okello Omara Lukwago left DP longtime ago, secondly he believes that DP is for Baganda Only.

Kiggundu Yese Anybody who undermines lukwago does notknow where uganda is going, we need aman like him to come and change things in our country. Isuppot him.

Sanday Sulaiman Divide & rule system z behind all these

Aisha Nanyonjo Mao knows jokes just his useless

Sulaiman Buwembo Undermine Lukwago at your own peril but I know u know the truth mwekaza bwekaza.

Dickson Musisi Mao should first see his doctor may be he needs checkup!!!

Dickson Musisi At first I looked at Mao as leader with all the qualities but wapi!!!! The guy is so

Ahimbisa Osberts Bucura That boy Mao is very cheap from President to mp it’s when I lost interest in him

Ahimbisa Osberts Bucura He will end up contesting as the chairperson LC III in his home area sub county