Members of the NRM Youth League under their organ UB40 (Ugandans Below 40) have been rudely arrested by Police at Makerere University

The arrest took place on Wednesday morning when police stormed the groups planned press conference at Makerere Guest House where they wanted to express their dissatisfaction over the proposed Age limit bill.

Government is reportedly preparing to table the Constitution Amendment Bill 2017, which among others carries a proposal to remove the upper age-limit to allow Museveni rule for life. However the attorney General’s Office says its not even aware of the Bill:

“Time is now for Uganda to have a peaceful change of power. Attempting to remove the age limit would be an unfair decision for the young generation,” Rutaro, the head of the NRM Youth League desk told press shortly before police stormed the venue.

Police officers stormed the venue and had hot exchanges with the youth Eria Musoke and Walakira Hamidu Luutu  before they were forcefully arrested

Habib Mboowa, one of the group members who survived arrest told press that the group is determined to organize demonstrations and other campaigns to oppose the age limit bill.

“We agree that President Museveni has been a good leader and he should finish his term peacefully but we will not allow tampering with the constitution,” Mboowa said.

The group leader Robert Rutaro said the intended Constitutional amendment denies youths a chance for the country’s leadership

“We will de-campaign whoever supports the bill because it is intended to deny youths chance to take power.”

The Officer in Charge of Makerere university police, Denis Kasibante told Chimpreports  that the group had convened an illegal assembly without notifying police.

“We could not allow an illegal meeting to continue,” he said.


NRM youth being arrested at Makerere (photo. Chimpreports)
NRM youth being arrested at Makerere (photo. Chimpreports)