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The burial of former Democratic Party President John Ssebaana Kizito partly turned into a battle field as supporters of Erias Lukwago exchanged blows with supporters of party president Norbert Mao for what looked to be a battle of supremacy.

This feud is not likely to end in the near future as some members continue accusing each other of working for the NRM government and failing the party for selfish interests.

After the attack, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago told reporters that it was Mao behind these attacks; the same was echoed by Masaka municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga who accused the Mao leadership for abandoning the party cause and objectivities.

According to Mpuuga nothing was new and all was expected from the unruly youth under President Mao because he only waits for funerals to attack his opponents and gather support for the party.

“These youth that are in charge of the party have already crossed to the other side, they no longer perform duties of the party but they serve the interests of their master, we have talked about this and we told everyone that the party is sold-out,” Mpuuga said.

“You think these hooligans were fighting because they love DP, they were hired thugs and they don’t know the objectives of the party, why didn’t they do the same when president Museveni came to Kansanga.” Mpuuga revealed.

On why they didn’t use the burial to bond and move the party forward, Mpuuga added that they are not divided because of Ssebaana but because of how key issues are handled by the party leadership.

The same sentiment is shared by Lubaga North MP Moses Kasibante who adds that it is NRM using these people as they have been doing especially on functions were Dr. Kizza Besigye and Erias Lukwago are present.

For her part, Betty Nambooze Bakireke  MP Mukono municipality, noted that,” the Good DPs who have made my party basically a funeral Party, they  can rough up Lukwago, mock Besigye and then warmly welcome Museveni, Muruli Mukasa, Kahinda Otafiire and Beti Kamya,” Nambooze said adding, “How long will Mao continue to use burials as a platform to attack others, if he is as powerful as he says, why doesn’t he call rallies and expound on his good points?”

Nambooze advises Mao to register the Democratic Party as a funeral service company because to her he can do a better job than the available service providers especially when it comes to sending off Democratic Party elders with funding from government.

Gerald Siranda Blacks the General Secretary referred attacks from their opponents as pedestrian way of thinking “We were at the vigil for five days but chaos broke out when some people walked in with a mind of making news, the same thing happened at Mpamde village in Luweero; they should be held accountable,” Siranda said.

On whether they surrendered the party to Museveni, Siranda said, “What makes them think we have sold out the party to Museveni, Mao has only been in power for seven years and the party is over 60 years, are we the ones that have failed it to go to power  for all the years,”Siranda said. “

When Erias Lukwago was in leadership with Nambooze how many MPs did we have, didn’t they abandon Ssebaana themselves? Ssebaana was their president, Erias Lukwago was the legal adviser and Nambooze a publicity secretary did they ever support a Democratic Party candidate, they abandoned him and went to a candidate of their choice, the party is not sold to Museveni but to Besigye too.“ Siranda revealed.

Siranda assured that they are taking DP the right path after creating a system in addition to building plans of their headquarters so that they can have something to leave behind.