In one American movie, it was dubbed collateral beauty; a close political pal refers to it as the best state of mind when faced with tough choices; simply call it ignorance!!
The DP supposed President pens, that the Gheto President is the best National Politico to have emerged from Buganda for the time of his knowledge; just as we were made to believe that a certain creed produced the country’s best orators, until I met them at the National stage slaughtering the Queenz language, hiding incoherence in sharp tongue!
For the same state of mind, we were made to believe that a certain creed produced enduring politico characters, able to withstand the shocks of adversity; until I met their able siblings justifying all manner of personal indulgence & outright double dealing as a form of ensuring balanced share of the national cake!!!
The DP president has score to settle with Ganda politicos. In his latest veiled attack on them, he refers to them as charlatans in his warped wisdom; unable to fathom direction, even when provoked by those living in eternal fear of their inevitable emergence!!
Mr Mao must be reading from script coached in Obote’s view of Baganda. He considers Ganda as gullible, excitable and bound to follow!! A lot of energy expended justifying personal failure on Baganda, unable to make personal reflections on lost opportunities while still potent, Mao offers serious lessons on proper handling self while at service of others, least one becomes envious & destructive!
I’ve not known a lazy human in such a delicate position like this Acholi son!! He will quote one author after another, but not the latest discovery from a DP branch in Kabalore!
Such is the tragedy of politics in Uganda, that a party leader, unable to explain his ill-advised decision in fielding a candidate in Kyadondo East, has the latitude of time in trying to interprete what others did not do, becoz it serves the purpose of collateral intelligence!!!