By spear Team

Police in Entebbe is hunting down for three armed robbers who gunned down John Omara a Security 2000 Limited security guard working with Coin worth Supermarket located at Broadway- Kitala, Katabi Town Council.

The three armed robbers raided a supermarket in the wee hours of Thursday morning and showered the security guard won duty with three bullets in the stomach.

The other security guard who was also guarding the supermarket premises took off and hid as soon as the armed robbers opened fire because his gun, a semi-automatic rifle couldn’t match the AK-47 rifle that the armed robbers were using.

The armed robbers raided the supermarket, shot a supermarket cashier only identified as Barbara in the leg and disappeared into thin air with unspecified sum of money from the supermarket coffers.

Sources at the scene revealed that the armed robbers used only three to five minutes to successfully execute their mission.

The victims were immediately rushed to a yet to be identified health facility for treatment and we have been reliably informed that they are alive though in serious pain. Police recovered six AK-47 bullet cartridges at the scene that will be used in the investigation.

Sources at the scene revealed that the supermarket had just started operating 24/7 on Monday but the authorities didn’t liaise with Police to beef up security at the Supermarket.

“This is the second time Coin Worth Supermarket is being robbed in a similar manner. They were robbed in a similar manner in Kitende and the Mpala OC Station Joseph Sekitoleko has been trying to engage the Supermarket authorities on security related matters every week but they have been paying a deaf ear and ignoring his advice”, a source disclosed.

The Entebbe Division Police Commander Godfrey Ninsiima indicated that Police is reviewing the CCTV Camera footage to identify the armed robbers .