By Maureen Waluube Kyalya

The Article denounces discrimination against Ugandans on all grounds except age, did any one not this???

Age Limits lower or upper are discriminative and therefore against the fundamental human rights of Ugandans. Rather than focussing on Museveni  I call upon all of you to focus on Uganda as a whole.

If  NRM removes upper age limits(75) without removing lower age limits(35) then the youths of Uganda should go to war against NRM in all forums possible including the national and international human rights courts for “Direct Discrimination Against Youths” on grounds of their age.

But on the other hand should NRM lift both Lower and Upper Age Limits then the whole Uganda should celebrate and give them credit for overcoming discrimination against the Young and the Old.

According to my recollection Jesus was 30 years and Muhammed may be alot younger; King David a teenager and Prophet Moses a Youth; King Daudi Chwa and King Oyo babies when they became leaders of humans and all have done a tremendous job in our history.

I call upon Uganda members of parliament to denounce discrimination on age grounds for both the youth and the old if at all they change the law.

I am worried about out competing Museveni and NRM age or no age limits, but I stand to be counted for condemning disrimination against Ugandans on any grounds including age.

An 18 years old qualifies to be become a member of parliament and the same should be for presidency.