President Museveni visted the family of late MP Hon. Grace Kaudha Hailat, who died in labor last week.

The president blamed death of pregnant mothers to carelessness and ignorance. He called upon health workers to sensitize community more on pregnancy related sicknesses.

He wrote:

I got news of the passing of Hon. Grace Kaudha Hailat, the Iganga Woman MP, last week but was unable to attend her funeral because of other programmes.

Today, I went to see her family and extend my sympathies for the loss of such a young person on the path of self actualization.

I first met her during campaigns last year. I noted that she was pregnant at the time. She was carrying the child she has left behind who is one-and-a-half years old now.

Her passing is a terrible incident. However, I would like to take this opportunity to caution our people who are still subjecting girls below 18 into marriage.

This is a backward practice which exposes those children to pregnancy and childbirth related complications, sometimes leading to death.

Then there is the category of people that are mature enough but do not pay the special attention required in pregnancy.

Things like pressure are well known and can be regulated if discovered on time. Health workers should sensitise the public on this to avoid unnecessary tragedies.

When it is time to send someone else in place of Grace, I ask Iganga people to elect somebody to carry her vision forward. I thank you.