The Secretary General of Uganda diaspora P10 and former chairman Masindi district, Steven Kazimura Birija, has called on Ugandans not only to resist but be worry of the omnibus amendment of Articles 26 and 102 (b) by Museveni through his pseudo parliamentarians which will turn them into slaves.

In a dossier he posted on his Facebook wall; Birija calls upon the elites to wake up, organise elite networks and promote a legitimate fight against “self enslavement” coming with amendment of the two articles.

He advised Ugandans not at anyone time be diverted from one article to another but always handle the articles together as the are inter-twinned and equally deadly.

“We are now focusing on article 102 (b), forgetting article 26; like we forgot article 244 and concentrated on 105 in 2005″

The moment Those articles are amended, the country shall have completed the revolution of self-enslavement under a  “republican monarchy”.

The P10 diaspora leader reminds Ugandans that the entire 1995 Constitution, is largely anti-people and a veiled personal dictatorship or monarchy with people protected by only a 4 articles which the dictator wants out now.

Article 5 of the 1995 Constitution provides for a republican state of Uganda,  while Article 98 threatens the spirit of republicanism-to an absolute monarchy that promotes, one man’s rule (mono) and (archy-rule or power).

Article 98 (1) provides that the president of Uganda will be the Head of State, Head of Government and Commander-in-Chief of the UPDF; and Fountain of Honour; which is not but, like it is for all presidents the world over, but what makes it risky is 98(4) and (5).

Article 98(4) provides that, while holding office, the president shall not be liable to proceedings in any court of law.

According to Birija, this is the entrenchment of dictatorship in the 1995 constitution with only checks in article 105, 102 (b)

“This would be good, to protect the president honour, but it becomes of little value, when the term there is a limit to term of office, but this article 105, was amended in 2005; such that even if the president, who never resign, during election abuses the process, you cannot take him/her to court and succeed.”

Birija notes that the President has unquestionably absolute and unchecked powers like a monarch and is above the law.

“He can, appoint the electoral commission, to manufacture all the results and the majority he wants; imprison his opponents, and nothing will happen; he can appoint the judicial service commission and judges to do what he wants; appoint public service to act as he wishes; bank of Uganda will be abused.”

With no term limits; and age limits, he ensures he remains in office, by even breaking the law, after all he is well protected by article 98 (4) & (5), until he dies.

The opposition activist further observes that, while term limits were being lifted in 2005, people never cared about the amendments of Article 244, which came along in the Omnibus Bill; as are now ignoring a more dangerous proposed amendment of Article 26.

“Mending article 26 will be extremely dangerous for our country, because, it is the little protection we are still hanging on to tame the wild article 244.

He says, article 244 while apply subject to article 26. Article 26 prohibits anybody from being deprived of property-like land, building etc, without compensation and consent.”

He warns all Ugandans that the moment they allow amendment of articles 26 and 102B, the country shall have completed the revolution of self-enslavement by mandating a veiled “republican monarchy”.

“We must reject a referendum on these issues, because contrary to article 4(a & (b), that calls for public awareness of the constitution-for 22 years now, the NRM government has never promoted constitutional awareness to people. The public cannot vote from an informed point of view.”