Police has arrested two youths of the Jobless Brotherhood fraternity in Kampala for burning  T-shirts bearing Museveni’s pictures as they protested the proposed Constitution amendment  to remove presidential age limit.

The Tuesday morning arrest was at  Mutasa Kafeero plaza, along Luwum Street in downtown Kampala.

The four youth, were dressed in yellow T-shirts with Museveni’s portrait which they put off

Youth burning Museveni's posters
Youth burning Museveni’s posters

and set  fire on in the middle of the road as they shouted

“Museveni must go. His time is over and no one should tamper with the Constitution.”

It was amidst this that Police arrested two of them as they tried to flee.

Youth burning Museveni's posters [PHOTO: MONITOR]
JOBLESS BROTHERHOOD Youth burning Museveni’s T.shirts in Kla Tuesday [PHOTO: MONITOR]
The OC Wilson Road police post, Mr Ituuza Nduhura told the Daily Monitor news, that the two have been arrested for causing commotion in the city and disrupting other people’s businesses. They are to be transferred to Central Police Station from where they will record statements.

“Demonstrating is a right but you don’t have to go around burning president’s T-shirts. What did he do to them? We cannot allow this to happen,” ASP Nduhura said.

Kyanamukaaka youth burning Museveni's NRM party cards
Kyanamukaaka youth burning Museveni’s NRM party cards