The parliament leader of opposition Hon Winnie Kiiza has called upon all Ugandans to join hands and fight the proposed 2017 Constitution Amendment Bills on land and age limit. ,

Government intends to amend the constitution article 102b and 26 to give government full powers over people’s land.

Speaking to Online news EDGE at parliament Thursday, the Leader of Opposition, said opposition is going to all 21 sub-regions in this country to create awareness of the proposed Changes and let people know that the only resource they have is land.

“This law is in bad faith and should be rejected. All those who think they can fight poverty using land, they should fight this law. This compulsory acquisition of land will make corruption very normal; land will be valued by one government valuer.”

She added: “When you say you are putting your land into the powers of government, then you are putting your land in the hands of President Museveni.”

The sensitization to be embraced by all opposition MPs is scheduled to begin Friday 21st in Masaka region

Government is currently fronting two constitution amendment bills on articles 26 and 102 (b) which are equally dangerous to Ugandan citizens