• No tribal tone here who tells you Mao is arrested, he is accompanied to sign his cheque.  

Embattled debated Good DP president Norbert Mao has today morning been driven to CPS while launching an age limit campaign dubbed ‘Kogikwatako’ outside city house DP headquarters in Kampala.

He was taken to CPS by anti-riot police headed by Central Police Station Division Commander with a number of his ‘good’ DP leaders including the Ag Secretary General, Siranda Blacks, MP Ssewungu and Kagimu Fred

No known DP activist participated in the function which led to democratic party members to conclude it was stage managed to hijack serious fight against the Museveni’s age limit.

“I don’t have any problem and what we are doing is very lawful. I don’t know why we are being arrested, we are only making sure the constitution is not changed to favour the current president in the presidential age limit bill,” Mao said as he was driven to police.

The ‘launch’ was described by DP members as Mao’s launch for his Museveni loyal good DP members as no serious activist attended the function.

DP members reacted scornfully to the arrest saying they are being duped by Mao and Mbidde who have on several occasions ordered police to disperse DP rallies

On different platforms they wrote:

On the DP whatup platform THE FREE DOMOCRATIC PARTY

-Thanks chairman Mao for the small movie you have done today keep improving.

-“Mao the incredible hulk” should be the name of the movie.

-Lets hope this is not a stance to increase/bergain for more money from state house.

-Some people have started acting like Dikuula as they abused others

-Temutukuba naku yammwe, ye yakoola atya Nambooze

-Tebakulimba nti ali mu bizibu, ali mu kwenyweera ka cappuccino ne munne Kaihura

-No tribal tone here who tells you Mao is arrested, he is accompanied to sign his cheque.