A Ugandan youth has written to fellow youth cautioning them about the age limit debate:
By: Junior Farouk

Fellow Ugandans and Youth at Large, I greet you all.

As the selfish leaders from our ruling political party National Resistance Movement – NRM fronts Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to die in Power, I must repeat this, youth (we) are the majority and we can use our numerical strength to prevail over this selfish gray haired leaders who have sought to keep us behind as if they were created to determine our future.

I am therefore begging my fellow youths under NRM Social MEDIA Activists for the solidarity Countrywide who are used as ladders to popularise the ruling regime’s programmes that won’t be effect-full in years ahead to raise their voice higher and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! otherwise if you don’t, we shall remain used as usual.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his Corrupt Long serving MPs shall not ride on our back if we don’t bend over like the way they use us during elections mostly on rallies to put on their photo political T-Shirts so that their function can become colourful on both media platforms

And another thing, the old fashion or outdated leaders should be quitting politics because they have overstayed in power… Baitu Who is you to enslave Ugandans for more than 30 years and demand for more?

Yes, His Excellence has been our leader and I’m sure a number of Ugandans who follow Fatwes Solutions voted for him but we don’t see why he continue saying he want more and more moreover he made every person to believe that without him no Uganda that internal wars shall occur.

As a state’s constitution, we had TERM LIMITS but over being greedy for power and still wanting to satisfy family members, relatives and friends, it was scratched off by MPs after corrupting them. And to our research if it was not like that, all the presidential candidates we had who did not go through like Amama Mbabazi and Kizza-Besigye Wrn, Maureen Kyalya Waluube and others who have been contesting for all terms would be preparing to hand over to others so instead of the mps like Hon.Abiriga, Col. Fred Mwesigye, Hon.James Kakooza and other few who spread lies that their people are the ones in need of of amending constitution to remove age limits, they should at least demand bring back TERM LIMITS.There should be term limits for all elective offices not just the presidency

And I request Ugandans not to hate Opposition because the ruling president’s people are the ones who have tried by all means to blackmail them over thinking that they shall be stopped to enjoy free privileges of which you do not enjoy now for example their sons and daughters are in good schools on statehouse scholarships, their friends and relatives are in Government offices and paid abnormally etc but THE NATIONAL CAKE WONT BE SHARED EQUALLY BEFORE THESE OUTDATED LEADERS LEAVE POWER.

When I look at my fellows who are given monthly Mbs, Gadgets to keep your mind back always thinking of what to post on social media about the first family programmes instead of going to your localities and start your businesses till it become big, I laugh at you and what makes things worse you forget that the grey haired people whom you are enslaved to, their sons and daughters are in Big offices paid abnormally moreover not educated like us/you but because they are children of those greedy leaders.

The so called Social Media activists better know that our outdated leaders dumped us long ago and if you are to confirm this, Get a copy of our president M7’s manifesto and read through when you find anything like minimum wage hahahahahaha. Ourselves we read through National Resistance Movement – NRM political party manifesto, at it’s front page M7 showed that he will employ Youth but in actual sense when you open pages, youth we are out over not including the issue of minimum wage. Why does he claim to employ youth whom he won’t manage to pay only ready to exploit them like they were created to suffer in their own country???

Still in his manifesto, he is after to cheer investors to monopolise business and all we should own also paying little fee for power and water bills including exploiting Ugandans like in sexual harassment, poor pay etc while Leaving indigenous being mistreated remember we are the real people who vote for him
This can not stand the test of time chiefly because Uganda is here to stay but persons we are all often mad about, come and go! Parasites should leave a floor to others

Fellow Vigor Youth under NRM Social MEDIA Activists better think of tomorrow not to remain used as lags though we support the party

Fellow Youth If you engage in business, you have the opportunity to create great wealth as compared to an ordinary employee with a fixed salary. To an ordinary individual who lacks the expertise and money, owning a business may remain a dream come true.

However, there is still hope for an ordinary individual to become a successful businessman or even a millionaire. Just be open minded to the business concept that we will present to you.
Let us become Entrepreneurs than becoming political ladders where we have been used in posting useless messages that does not fit in our Nation

“Enough is Enough”.

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