“Today I feel the regional apportion of blame should be dumped, we admit our fathers made mistakes because they didn’t know who truly Museveni was. for us who fully know him this is our only chance to act for the best of the next generation “

Hay Kaweesa.

Olyotya eyo

I’m abit disappointed you didn’t respond to my last letter, naye however much you were pinched by the facts there in—will not stop me writing to you this about the age limit debate viz-vis our Ankole region you always blame for Museveni’s woes.

As always I start by reminding you we Ankole people totally rejected Museveni in 1980 as he was not one of us and you accommodated and nursed him into power—on behalf of other Ugandans I still demand an apology.

Well my concern today is not to defend, blame or judge anyone. We have played the blame games for the last 30years and it has only helped stitching the outsider amidst us divided.

Today I want to bring your attention to the moment of truth and the chance we have to clear our generation from the past errors. The current age limit thing is an opportunity for our generation to cleanse ourselves or own up our own woes with M7 living our fathers rest in peace.

Its true we massively supported his stay from 1996, the 2000 political parties referendum, uplifting term limit and elections—but you brought him.

It’s fortunate for oppressors and unfortunate for Uganda that Buganda determines all political, economic and social life of this country given your central stand in the region and higher civilization level compared—but you have consistently abused that position

You Baganda have always been rightly accused muli ba nkwe and have led to suffering of other regions by conspiring with whatever comes to suck Uganda right from colonialists.

You have constantly abused your integrity by accepting to be used in any evil and treacherous plan even against your own culture, people and Ugandans in general.

We blame the Northerners for the past two regimes and militarizing the country which blinded us to see outsider Museveni as a savior.

Rightly you blame us in Ankole region for Museveni’s rotten government, corruption, racism, tribalism and discrimination. . . and the blame game goes on though the question stands, who is to blame, the one who invites a thief into the house or one who shares the loot with him?

Today I feel the region apportion of blame should be dumped we accept our fathers made mistakes because they didn’t know who truly Museveni was and we set off with what we can own.

Unlike our fathers our generation fully knows M7 as the worst combination of dictatorship and imperialism

The next generation will never forgive or respect us if we continue grumbling with past grudges instead of wrecking the known evil amidst us

I feel today this should be our locus for unity, clear our ancestral history and squeeze out the dictator eating us one by one.

As informed victims we need put the past behind, work together against the common enemy we have as we watch out vigorously to see which region is backing Museveni 2 which we will permanently blame for this countries woes instead of caravan blame

As it is, I feel you already resonate my Ankole MPs from this. Besides the obvious fact that we have benefitted more from Museveni’s regime—our leaders approach still show we are extra cautious and don’t trust M7 and have refused to be used as fools—yet yours are already competing wholesale over who betrays most.

Looking back to the past from 1995 C.A throwing Federal out of the constitution, removal of the term limit, Museveni’s sole candidature proposal at Kyankwanzi, the age limit and land amendment bills (26) No MP or minister from our region has so far openly sacrificed his integrity over Museveni’s interests.

Naye abammwe abe Nkwe!! You’re set to betray us even over this? Baganda why don’t you get tired of being used in treacherous projects? Babakolimira!

Its time to prove the long term assertion that muli ba nkwe and that you are toilet paper right or wrong

Tell the world that all we need is hatch out from our regions past errors, unite and chase off the evil today or plant new seeds of discordance that will turn our grandchildren into paupers in Museveni’s monarchy.

Kaweesa I don’t want my children to fight yours with guns simply because we the fathers have failed to fight successfully using pens. Take note

Awaken your legislatures.

Oralegye Munonga

Kanzira Besweeri-Rwamaggwa