The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has warned against the proposed amendment to article 26 of the constitution that seek to grant government powers to take over people’s land before compensation.
“This is wrong and it may result into bloodshed as we have seen of recent to the extent that women undressed all in the name of saving their land,” Mayiga said.

While appearing on 89.2 CBS fm’s political talk show, ‘Kiriza oba Gaana’ hosted by Meddie Nsereko on Wednesday Mayiga also urged all Ugandans to title their land as the only way it can be secured and fully protected against land grabbers.
He said land is crucial to Baganda because it is the basis of Ganda culture and norms. He added that all clans in Buganda have got Obutaka saying it is from this that the clan heads get the name ‘abataka.’
He warned that unlike the Aga Khan, the Kabaka is a ruler of Buganda which is mapped out in Uganda with 18 counties.
Mayiga advised politicians who are promoting the land amendment bill to use their time more productively in helping their people develop, adding that any person who is able to get a land title should be helped to do so quickly.
On the rumored age limit amendment bill that is said to be in the offing, Mayiga said he saw president Museveni on NTV, assuring Ugandans that he will not tinker with the constitution to allow him stand again. Museveni will be officially 77 years old by the time Uganda goes to polls in 2021 hence barred by the current constitutional dispensation that limits the age of a presidential candidate between 35-75.