By Spear Team

Senior presidential adviser on media and public relations, John Nagenda has cautioned President Yoweri Museveni on amending the constitution to enable him stand for presidency in 2021.

While appearing on NTV, Nagenda noted that pushing the age limit upwards, is problematic because as people grow older their capabilities lessen.

He warned that if this is done Uganda might end up like Zimbabwe with a 94 year old president.

Nagenda  criticized some people who use the opportunity of extending Museveni rule to mint cash, advising  Museveni  to stay away from these people who want use him to influence MPs and  amend article 102(b) of the constitution.

“40 years ago, this country was in total turmoil, please do not take us back to where power must change by force…Let us think about the country instead of ourselves.

I get nightmares that their is no apparent heir to Museveni  and as it happens to all human beings and  he dies…we will spend more years fighting for the presidency”, he added.

Nagenda advised that somebody should be groomed   to take over leadership from Museveni when Museveni steps down.

On the ‘Muhoozi Project,  he opposed the idea  noting that though Muhoozi  is good at many  other things but he can not make a proper president because he has never even stood for an elective political position.

Nagenda advised MPs not to water down the constitution but keep the age limits because they are good for the country.

In 2012, while appearing on NTV, Museveni stressed that he wouldn’t rule beyond 75 years because by the time someone   is above 75 the vigor is not much.

President Museveni has not openly campaigned for the alleged constitutional amendment in waiting but his critic maintain that the works of Minister Evelyn Anite, MP Ibrahim Abiriga, Simeo Nsubuga and group is sponsored by him.