Spear Team

Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president Dr Kizza Besigye has appealed to Ugandans not to relax the pressure exerted on president Museveni’s government until it collapses. Speaking at his home in Kasangati Wakiso district to FDC supporters who had been detained at the notorious Nalufeenya police station on Friday, Besigye said that plans are in the pipeline to nip in the bud Museveni’s attempts to change the constitution to allow him run for the presidency in 2021.


“Ugandans should stand firm because we have already weakened Museveni and it will be hard for his rule to reach 2020, everyday pressure on him is mounting, we just need to stay together and focused to achieve our goal,” Besigye said. He promised to do whatever it takes to make sure that the country is liberated before Museveni finishes his term because the power of the people is far much stronger than that of a gun.


“We all know Mr. Museveni is a dictator, but we the masses are capable of forcing him to announce that he is standing down come 2021, but him being a Wiseman he can still rule through someone that he chooses to be his puppet. So if we are to defeat him we are supposed to do it before this term ends,” Besigye added.

He pointed out three things that need to be done to defeat Museveni which include changing public perception about change, proper coordination/ communication and working for a common agenda.

Besigye criticized Museveni for buying out big opposition figures as a way of extending his rule and weakening the opposition.

Before the meeting, there was a scuffle between FDC supporters and police officers who had blocked them from accessing Besigye’s home arguing that the writings on their T-shirts were inciting the public.