By Spear Team

The Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has called upon government to withdraw the proposed Land bill before the situation moves from bad to worst to avoid bloodshed.

Ssemujju said that he is willing to the ordinary masses to hold machetes and fight for their rights and land because ‘a man without land is like a man without life’.

He made these remarks while addressing masses at Kasokoso in Kira Municipality on the proposed land bill constitutional amendments on Friday.

Ssemujju accused Museveni of selling off public assets and now aiming at people’s private land, a move that is supposed to be stopped at all costs.

He advised all Ugandans to camp at Parliament the day the Land Reforms motion will be tabled take note of their MPS who are supporting the unpopular law.

Currently, opposition MPs are traversing the country sensitizing masses about dangers of the proposed amendment.

Human rights lawyer Nicholas Opio warned that if passed into law this bill violates a fair hearing provision.

Speaking at the same event, MP Muwanga Kivumbi, MP Betty Nambooze and Lord mayor Erias Lukwago asked Ugandan to make their respective MPs accountable especially on the two ammendments of article 26 and 102(b).

Under this bill, government will compulsorily take private land for its projects, and in case of a dispute, compensation will be deposited in the courts of law, according to government this was done to prevent losses and delays of government projects.