By Spear Team

Social media is bursting with criticisms and comments from political activists all condemning MP Chris Baryomunsi, the state minister of Housing, for flying a private chopper to visit his impoverished constituents.

Baryomunsi who doubles as the Member of Parliament for Kinkizi County East, the minister on Tuesday flew home in a private chopper to embark on constituency consultations on the numerous constitutional amendments that are to be tabled before parliament.

Constituents in Kinkizi East are still questioning why the minister had to spend that much at their expense with some pointing Kanungu potholed roads.

“He has failed to lobby for us to have better roads, and now he is moving in a chopper, he used to criticize Amama Mbabazi on the same thing, he didn’t vote him to show off “, a disappointed voter said.

Details emerging indicate that the minister who left Kampala on Tuesday and returned on Thursday was charged $2500 [roughly Shs 9,011,875] per flying hour.

Kato Hassan added that Baryomunsi could have spent about Shs40m on transport “equivalent to an MP’s salary for two full months”.

The Minister claims he was running late for a burial.