NASA’s Kalonzo Musyoka has accused the Jubilee government of assassinating Kenya’s IEBT IT boss Chris Msando and revealed its intention to kill 6 more senior Kenyans before the election day August 8th

The Raila Odinga’s ran mate made the revelation at the opposition NASA coalition campaigns at Gusii Stadium in Kisii county on Tuesday 6 days to the polls August 8th polls.

“They have killed Msando. We want Jubilee to know that this is an extra judicial killing. That was Matiangi’s work. Just a few weeks after the late Joseph Nkaissry was taken from us, under the watch of Matiangi, we are now seeing the beginning of elimination of political opponents this cannot be allowed” Kalonzo said amidst chants of Matiangi must go from the crowd.

Kalonzo also made a revelation that the Jubilee government has a hit list of 6 people it plans to assassinate before the countries election day:

“We know that they are saying that before Tuesday, August 7, they have a list of six other people who will be killed. They should not dare try! They know they are already defeated and they want to cause confusions,” Revealed charged up Kalonzo

The late Msando was in charge of the KIEMS system that would be used to relay results from different parts of the country to the national tallying center.

Prior to his death he had in an interviews assured Kenyans the system was hack-proof and so, no third party could access it to interfere with the numbers being relayed.

He went missing after a live TV interview on KTN Friday and his tortured body was found by police Saturday, July 29, along a 21 year old female

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