• We have to protect our people still within the regime, they are the ones who will help us overthrow it.

Rubaga South MP Kato Lubwama has defended his act of protecting fellow MP Simeo Nsubuga from being dragged off the MPs queue to great the Kabaka Monday at Buwekula.

Ntege dragged age limit advocate Simeo Nsubuga from the front backwards past MPs Saidah Bumba, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Bakireke Namboozi, Muyanja Ssenyonga, Butebi, Flavia Byekwaso, Kittatta, among others who just looked on until he reached Kato Lubwama at the back who held him and police came amidst the scuffle

Talking exclusively to the SpearNews immediately after the event in Buwekula Kato Lubwama said:

“I can’t just watch as a fellow MP is being assaulted and I must defend him. This is a bad habit that if we let grow can happen to any MP, today its Simeo tomorrow is me” He said

Kato added that given the natural of events and anger among Ugandans all MPs will soon be treated in the very way or worse.

Kato Lubwama said Ugandan’s don’t know the role of Nsubuga in the current regime [and he refused to reveal it] but said opposition needs people like Simeo in government   if they are to change it.

“We need such people to help us in the struggle for change. You can’t change a government without your own people operating from within it” Lubwama said without elaborating.

Kato Lubwama further said the land issue is a very hot and contentious issue to all Ugandans he wants to go through such that it awakens all Ugandans against the regime.

“It is such contentious issues that predict fall of strong dictators” He said

Wakayima Musoke the Nansana Municipality MP who also partially came to Nsubuga’s rescue, warned MPs about the dangers they are likely to face.

He likened the impending danger to what happened in Madagascar where citizens burnt Parliament and beat up all MPs over constitution abuse