Stella Nyanzi, Frank Gashumba praise MP Simeo Nsubuga attacker
Spear Team
Dr. Stella Nyanzi, the outspoken Makerere University researcher has praised the courage of journalist Ntege William popularly known as ‘Kyuma kya Yesu’ for confronting Kassanda south MP, Simeo Nsubuga in Buweekula during the 24th Kabaka coronation anniversary.

Nsubuga is one of the leading voices advocating for the amending of the constitution to allow president Museveni rule for life.

Posting on her face book wall, Nyanzi said,  “Physically, I am not a very strong
person. In fact, I know that I am quite weak. I am neither tall nor big. And so I never get into physical fights because I can only lose in that field.

I am also not interested in fights. But yesterday I found myself cheering excitedly as I watched William Ntege aka ‘Kyuma kya Yesu’ pursuing and confronting Simeo Nsubuga, grabbing him by the neck, attempting to wrestle him down to the ground, and telling him
off for being a sycophant supporting the amendment of presidential age
limit,” Nyanzi wrote on her page.

Nyanzi is not alone in parise for Ntege, Political and social activist, Frank Gashumba also weighed in, in the debate.
“Kyuma Kya Yesu was at it not until Hon. Kato Lubwama came up to his
rescue. We also want [other] MPs to show which side they are on, and the public should monitor and work on every one who tampers with the constitution, in fact Kato Lubwama is supposed to apologize to Ugandans because it looks like he is with the tormentor,” Gashumba posted on his facebook wall.

He warned against overtures of amending article 102(b) to allow president Museveni stand in the 2021 elections.

He said this should be president Museveni’s last term to avoid bloodshed calling upon all Ugandans from all walks of life to be involved in the struggle.

Gashumba equally invited religious and cultural leaders to come out and speak about the plight of Ugandans rather than dinning with the oppressor.
Gashumba’s warning come at a time when the NRM Electoral Chairperson, Tanga Odoi attacked the opposition for masterminding Nsubuga’s attack and promised that they might be forced to retaliate.
Odoi also wants Mengo to explain why Mr. Ntege held MP Nsubuga by the neck and Kabaka’s guards were not moved by an inch to restrain him [Ntege].
Social media users poured out their hearts in solidarity with Kyuma kya Yesu warning of similar fate for other MPs who are like Nsubuga.
“Simeo deserved it because he is always selfish, years back while still serving in the police force, he boasted that it is only Museveni that he cant arrest before emphasizing that he is capable of arresting the Kabaka; the problem is Ugandans are forgetful, ”  a one Ssentamu Ssewandagi commented.