• Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, Elioda Tumwesigye has become the latest victim of people’s anger against Museveni’s life presidency project.

The minister was embarrassed by residents of Masheruka Parish, Kigarama Subcounty, Sheema district when constituents simultaneously walked away from a meeting leaving him to address himself.

The Sheema County North constituency meeting was invited to lay strategies for the development of the new Town Council.

However in his speech, Elioda started campaigning for the removal of the presidential age limit.

Soon as he started people started murmuring and turning to each other, grumbling inaudibly.

Taking it as a joke the minister continued with his age limit gospel

The angry residents, started walking away one after the other leaving the minister alone with a hosts.

A resident who attended the meeting, told EDGE news that residents were overheard suggesting to lynch the minister as it happened to Simeo.

Ashamed, Elioda, jumped into his car and drove off without even notifying hosts.

On Monday, Kassanda South MP, Simeo Nsubuga, was roughed up by William Ntege who accused him of championing the removal of the presidential age limit clause.