By Spear Team

The newly elected Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East,  Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert  aka Bobi Wine has revealed that although he is opposed to the amendment of the constitution he is yet to join  Opposition MPs in their on going public rallies.

Bobi Wine said that, “The constitution is a holy book that gives us equality before the laws and shouldn’t be touched, forcefully taking people’s land is robbery and amending the constitution to favor one person is wrong”, Kyagulanyi said adding that in principal he like the opposition MPs is opposed to the proposed amendments.

He added that as an artist he has his own campaign and he will mobilise his followers through music shows as an artist and he is committed to the same struggle.

Opposition Members of Parliament and independents aligned to the Opposition have for several days under the leadership of the leader of opposition been running an anti constitution amendment campaign under a parliamentary forum called Forum for constitutionalism and rule of the law.

During these rallies people have been questioning why members of Parliament including Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Mohammed Nsereko among others are not part of thus campaign.

On his role in the August house, Kyagulanyi said that he is catching up with parliamentary work serving on the Presidential affairs and Human rights committees, stressing his commitment to serve his electorate in all ways possible.