Nansana Municipality member of parliament Wakayima Musoke has apologized to his electorates and Ugandans in general for saving Simeo Nsubuga from being lynched by anti article 102(b) advocate Ntege William in Buwekula.

While appearing on Salt FM morning show Thursday the Democratic Party member of parliament said since the Monday incident tension is high on him with very many Ugandans wherever he goes blaming him for defending a countries traitor from a brave youth lynching him.

“My constituents say they expected me to join Ntege in lynching or dragging Nsubuga off the Kabaka’s face which I didn’t. . . I apologize and regret my reaction”

He further said that it’s unfortunate that even the Simeo Nsubuga he saved instead of understanding and appreciating people’s anger against him he is scapegoating and pushing the blame to opposition and the Buganda kingdom which organized the function.

Ntege on Monday dragged MP Simeo Nsubuga from the MPs queue to greet the Kabaka. MP Kato Lubwama and later Wakayima defended him by grabbing Ntege off him.

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