Former presidential candidate Kyalya Walube has penne to president Museveni cautioning him about the consequences of the rootless wars he involves Ugandans into and their long term impacts to the next generation.

She wrote a day after Al Shabaab militants in Somalia killed 12 UPDF soldiers though some reports indicate they killed 39 Ugandans.

Moureen Kyalya Walube wrote:
The people we are killing and who are killing us in Somalia are fellow Africans. $10,000 is not worth an English man, I wonder why M7 thinks its worth an African man.

The Americans should deploy their troops to Africa so that they suffer some causalities too.

It’s a shame and typical of pre-colonial chiefs to enslave our girls in Asian countries as house maids and sons into Somalia for $10,000 per head.

As a nation we are still struggling with the Rwandese refugee problem of the 1990’s.

The DRC billions debt is on our grandchildren plus associated enmity.

Sudanese women whose husbands have been killed are being sold to Ugandan men to produce with them so as to take Ugandan land plus associated hatred.

The Central African Republic stilled waters are not settled yet.

Then the Somalia Al Shabaabs is a hot attempt that failed even Americans but you risk our children in it.

Our Next generation will be crying with enmenity and hatred from all over the region due to one mans ego fights

We are actually playing with fire we are never going to be able to quench when they take what is left of Uganda