There is nothing much more, I can say to you fellow citizens of this nation. You can sit and deny the obvious or do something about it. Our country is under occupation there is no ifs and buts period.

We have many people from Rwanda and many from our neighboring countries mascara-ding as Ugandans and many of them have been given civil service jobs, loans to start businesses, involved in land grabbing with the help of UPDF and Police. We the rightful owners of this nation are marginalized

People that have stood up to this colonization of our nation have been labeled as working for Museveni and this is done deliberately by Museveni’s operatives and it has worked and example is Dr. Besigye.

Rwanda is going through a mock election and some so called Ugandans are in Kigali campaigning for Paul Kagame.

If this could happen what about our previous mock elections to. Museveni said he will pack judges with his own people, he has done it with similar political beliefs such as the attorney general as an example, what is so painful is that Ugandans such as Justice Kavuma, Kigunddu, Ofondo, just to mention a few have decided to sleep with the enemy.

Do not expect anyone to come and say oh poor Ugandans you have suffered so much so let us work together to get Museveni out. It ain’t gonna happen. My comrades in the diaspora why do we have to be sent home feet first when we can all come together and fight this colonization. I thank so much those inside Uganda for a spirited fight you have waged against dictatorship in Uganda and please don’t give up.

To you in the diaspora I ask, why have you become donor partner with Museveni government? What changes have you made in your families at home since you have been out of Uganda? America is now busy trying to figure out how to stop North Korea and an inconsistent president in the white house, how would you expect US to help us?

Tony Blair once a powerful prime minister of UK is now on Kagame’s payroll as an advisor and what advice do you think he is giving Kagame? That go and liberate Ugandans? This has nothing to do with tribalism at all and anyone defining my post as such is an enemy of the country.

DON’T LET THE SMARTPHONE BE SMARTER THAN YOU. Use it as an alternative weapon to liberate our country.