Nambooze at Kawempe

MP Wakayima of Nansana Municipality has re-apologized for defending Semeo Nsubuga a week ago and vowed to beat him up himself wherever he meets him for championing the most dangerous constitutional amendment crusade

The MP said this Saturday at a public rally held at Kawempe Kutaano by the Members of Parliament associating under the forum for Constitutionalism and rule of law, moving around the country campaigning against constitutional amendment.

In his speech at the rally hosted by MP Latif Ssebaggala,Wakayima apologised to the country for saving a man who is leading “the most dangerous crusade ever” of amending the constitution to remove the age limit.

“I acted spontenously, when I heard Semeo crying out for help, I never had time to think about what I was doing, if I had,I wouldn’t have rescued him because what  Kyumakyayesu did was right and justifiable”

Wakayima apologetically said adding that in order to make up for what he did he is to himself beat up Simeo from anywhere he meets him be it inside Parliament

Cabinet in a statement released Saturday urged Ugandans to freely express their views on the proposed amendment and promised to provide security to whoever acts in line with the country’s constitution article 1.

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