The MP for Kasanda Semoe Nsubuga is reportedly in a self consolation crusade where he is arranging functions for himself with a few of his supporters as he tries to fight off the embarrassment visited on him by the anti-constitutuon amendment activist Kyumakyayesu Ntege William.

Our source inside the Semeo-Nsubuga Kasanda based camp indicate that the MP has since the ugly incident been shopping around for sympathizers to be able to fool the country that the lifting of the age limit is popular with his constituents.

After having a total social media bash Saturday over his community service post, Nsubuga has pulled another amazing stint towards acceptability.

Highly placed source around him told the Spear news that he bought himself a heifer and paraded members of his family as supporters donating the same to him.

He later through a PR company posted on facebook;
Kasanda South residents donate ‘milky’ cow to feed MP Simeo Nsubuga to get more energy to fight his enemies over age limit

Residents of Kasanda South Constituency have donated a cow to their area Member of Parliament Simeo Nsubuga and encouraged him to drink enough milk to get energy which shall help him fight over his enemies who don’t want the age limit lifted. 

This has earned Simeo more insults from social media whose community he intended to impress. One of Kasanda voters posted;

“We are not as dense as you expect to be ever dragged into the same mistake”

Last week, Simeo was embarrased by a one Ntege William popularly known as Kyuma kya yesu when he almost thumped him in front of the Buganda Kabaka over advocating for the removal of age limit.

To the Kasanda resident, they thought their MP lacked energy to defend himself over attackers thus opting to donate a cow which will be giving him milk to feed for energy in order to fight his enemies favourably.