This election is about Uhuru Kenyatta and how he has run down our country.

This election is about a 4 trillion debt that jumped from 1 trillion but which we cannot point out its use or general economic impact.

This election is about Kenyans who owed foreigners 20k per head, but now it is 115k per head.

This election is a vote of no confidence against a government that bought containers worth 350K each at 10 million each. Pens worth 10 bob at 8k each, soap at 5k per bar, curtains at one million per piece. Fake companies registered by Waiguru for Kabura, plus an excess 17 billion supplied to her ministry which she couldn’t account for.

In this elections, we are prosecuting the Afya House scandal, where Uhuru’s sisters, cousins and friends diverted pesa za wagonjwa wa Aids, pamoja na watoto. In fact, foreign donors refused to release more money. Where the internal Auditor was demoted, and the Auditor General was reprimanded and ridiculed.

In this elections, we are asking Uhuru Kenyatta how exactly he spent 275 billion Eurobond proceeds. We want him to pin point specific projects that this money did, now that we will brake our legs and arms working to pay back this debt.

In this election, we are asking Uhuru why he couldn’t take action against those who looted youth fund. We are prosecuting the hustlers jet scandal. We are prosecuting inflated contracts like SGR and the collapsed Sigiri bridge, blown out of proportions.

This election is about keeping promises too.

1 million acre irrigation scheme in Galana.

Laptops for kids

2kg flour at 60.

State of the art stadia.s