Museveni’s State Minister for Water also MP Mukono North Ronald Kibuule has sealed off a village after deploying the Police and the army after telling all residents to leave with immediate effect.

According to the Mukono journalists portal ebja, residents of Kigaya landing site in Buikwe district are leaving in fear of the continued threats of displacement from their land by minister Ronald Kibuule where they’ve been staying over time.

The residents said that the state minister for water also Mukono North Member of Parliament Hon. Ronald Kibuule bought land from this area totaling to 85 acres and out of the blue he brought excavators and started to destroy people’s food and property.

Kibuule deployed heavily police and army in the area which robbed people of own property and keeping them in continued fear.

Residents explain that Kibuule is using the police and officers to guard excavators which are destroying their crops and properties without being condensates.

Residents allege that during night time they are being caned by these security officers when they get you moving around this land which the minister is developing.

This land was belonging to Namasole Sarah Natoro under custody of Musa Kateregga who sold the land rights to Kibuule and now residents fear displacement for other developments.

The Resident District Commissioner of Buikwe district Nasser Munulo has dismissed fear of displacement under police aid saying police was only deployed to ensure security and no resident was robbed.